During childhood visits to India, the discovery of beautiful handwoven silk and cotton saris in my grandmother’s closet sparked a lifelong fascination in handlooms and the art of weaving.  

The saris came from different regions in India and each had a distinctive style and weave that under my grandmother's tutelage I soon learned to identify.  Some regions favor brilliant color and dazzling gold thread in the weave.  Other regions are known for their emphasis on texture weaving wild silks and fine cotton muslins. 

For centuries, the art of dyeing and weaving the vibrant silk or cotton yarns into fabric was passed from generation to generation. The designs continue to be breathtaking and varied - all without the benefit of design schools or the aid of computers.

This passion for Indian weaves inspired me to create a collection of textiles.  We visit the artisans and translate their knowledge and skill to share with a larger audience.  We collaborate with organizations committed to reviving and sustaining regional weaving heritage.  Monsoon Textiles products are designed with a modern aesthetic but are rooted in traditional craft. Our collections are a geographical journey into the country through textiles.  

Our goal is to keep alive a heritage art that can survive beyond the modern age.